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Half head of iceberg lettuce bathed in Russian dressing, bread sticks, baked potatoes wrapped in foil shaped like a swan, sliced prime rib in a corn starch dense black brown gravy or fried filet of flounder: dishes remembered only to those of a certain age and now forgotten by the current generation. Gone too are Walber’s on the Delaware, Bookbinder’s and Wanamaker’s elegant Crystal Tea Room. 

walbers                       book


They were the fine dining restaurants of their day. For simple fare Horn and Hardart’s and its incomparable bronze Automate dolphin spigots and glass fronted boxes dispensed dense black coffee  in cups one quarter inch thick, sometimes flavored by the lipstick of the woman who had the cup before you,  and  dense glutinous baked beans in green ceramic crocks. Such were the Philly Tables of some fifty years ago.




Philly Tables today feature culinary explorations not only in haute cuisine but in an ever growing exploration into a once unimagined kaleidoscope of ethnic culinary diversity. While my food blog will include any number of Philly restaurants from highest fine dining to simple fare it is the latter to which I intend to devote the greatest attention. Above all my Philly Tables blog offers thoughts on my Philadelphia dining experiences at very affordable ethnic restaurants in the Philadelphia area.

I’ll also take a look at local food sources including farmers’ markets and Asian and other ethnic markets.  And I cannot ignore some of the best recipes I come upon to share. I hope you will enjoy reading my Philly Restaurant Reviews and that you will find the time to enjoy the same dining experiences.

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